To evangelize educating children and youth from early childhood, particularly poor, by integrating Faith and Culture (Piety and Letters) to renew the Church and transform the society according to the values of the Gospel, creating fraternity.

Today, in the majority of countries, public education is regarded as something normal, an undisputed right. Saint Joseph Calasanz and the early Piarists, in the 17th century, began something that the world had not known. They believed, and today we still firmly believe, that society can only move if it educates all members, without any discrimination, especially the children. Thus Piarists began what many regard as the first system of public education. We give ourselves to the education of needed children and youth and to teach them so that they become skilled citizens and Christians.

Now the dream of giving all children a Christian education remains intact. We Piarist Fathers follow Jesus Christ through education of youth in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. We have been advocates of education for more than four centuries, and we still care about the dreams and aspirations of youth. Our religious community life bears witness to the Gospel in many ways: through education, in the classroom, inspiring young people in youth groups, and guiding them to have an experience of God.

We Piarists discover Jesus in children and we share God’s call to serve them by means of a specific religious vow of dedication to the Christian education of youth. For this reason, the consecration to the education of children and youth is for us, Piarist, a sacred vocation.