The year 2017/2018 is a year with a difference in Saint Joseph Calasanz Bilingual School Yaounde. It should be noted that the Primary School is just entering its second year of existence after its official launching last year. On the 5th of September 2016, parents, pupils and other curious friends of good will stormed the school premises in a bid to have a taste of this newly born called Saint Joseph Calasanz Bilingual School ABOBO – YAOUNDE. Thanks to the Piarists Fathers who made a serious selection of qualified and experienced teacher without any exhaustive publicity of the school, we were able to have for a start more than a hundred and twenty pupils ranging from classes one to four and from SIL to CE2. Throughout the year, the parents were very collaborative and with the help of some of their remarks, criticisms and recommendations, the school actually came to realise that its raison d’être was a necessity. Just passing by, it was very remarkable that the contributions of the Piarist pedagogical seminars for teachers and the continual visit of inspectors from Yaounde VII as well as other higher level educational nation builders, made the committed teachers to form the children to be intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, relationally, physically, humanly and most especially spiritually balanced. But then, could one just simply say the year had a 100% success in all the dimensions? Certainly not though the overall objectives of the school were attained. That notwithstanding, what is the situation of the school now three weeks into its second year resumption? How has the first year influenced this New Year? What is the way forward? Is it possible to boost that this year will register another 100% success? What guarantees this inner conviction given the fact that there are so many new pupils coming from different institutions with different ideologies and diverse socio-political orientations? These are some of the questions that will help us to be able to come up with new methods of approach and at the same time, make good use of the available infrastructural and didactic materials at our disposal.

In a nutshell, we all agree when it comes to education, that learning is an important aspect in the everyday life of an individual. Although it occurs in various ways, young children’s learning is different from adult learning. But all the same, learning is a relatively permanent change in behaviour due to experience. It can also be described as any change in behaviour that is the result of experience and that causes individuals to face situations later in life. The evidence that learning has taken place can be inferred from a change in a learner’s performance or behaviour. If we all consider ourselves as perpetual learners, then it becomes imperative for facilitators of the learning process to have continues and continual recycling of their dynamic skills in the teaching-learning process. To this effect, we the teachers of Saint Joseph Calasanz Bilingual School ABOBO – YAOUNDE under the leadership of our Director Rev. Father Divine Banboye WIRTUM Sch.p had a very rich and constructive pedagogic seminar with two Inspectors Mme. ZE and Mme. TUKU and the Piarist Pedagogic Team led by Rev. Fr. Moses NKONGME. This was already the first phase of our preparations to get into the new school year. This seminar was based on the importance of Administrative Documents as well as the compulsory documents that each teacher must have in his/her class and secondly on the approved teaching methodology with the use of a harmonized General and Individual lesson plan for the Piarist schools in the Piarist Province of Central Africa whose Major Superior is Rev. Fr. Evaristus AKEM. We do thank this team for the great work done for we are already putting into practice all we acquired during this seminar. We do wish again that similar opportunities be granted to teachers to help them practice their teaching profession with confidence.

The school year 2017/2018 began officially on Monday 4th September 2017 and in the premises of the school, one could see a certain euphoria and excitement on the faces of both parents, teachers, pupils and even passers-by. Right at the assembly ground on day one, after the warm welcome from teachers and the administration, the ambiance was that of an institution with an objective vision on the right to quality education. The educative team of the school is ready to work in total collaboration with parents and friends and equally enrich its methodology of approach via participation in pedagogic and animation seminars organised internally or at the level of the inspectorate. It is therefore our ardent wish that this new school year should be very successful in all dimensions.

As for the weekly program in Saint Joseph Bilingual School Yaounde, it should be noted that every Mondays and Fridays we have the general assembly seriously animated by both pupils and teachers and as such, the teachers and the administration profit to advice, guide, direct and correct the pupils. The second articulation is that of the singing of the National Anthem in French on Mondays and English on Friday. This is directly followed by the presentation of the 7:30 am News Cast by the pupil’s Journalism club among other clubs. The Journalism club is one of the most active clubs since the pupil journalists during the intervals update themselves while collecting information from the happenings around the globe: from school, Cameroon, Africa and the other continents. On Wednesday, the pupils are then grouped according to their various clubs such as Health and Environmental club, Journalism club, Music club, Arts club, Dance club, sport and karacté club etc.

Equally, the pupils have their government made up of a Prime Minister, a Vice Prime Minister and 12 other ministries to coordinate the activities of the school with the help of at least 2 teachers. Every month is organised a mass in school for the spiritual upkeep of the children entrusted to our care. At the same time, we encourage our pupils to get used to manual works through arts and craft and home economics. Saint Joseph Bilingual School Yaounde, is a place to be. Our school is opened to the world and this justifies the fact that we pupils not only from the different Regions in Cameroon but all pupils from Nigeria and France. We really wish to thank once more the parents for the confidence borrowed to us this second year of existence and with the help of the numerous didactic materials at our disposal like the micro video projectors in every class, we strongly believe that success shall be our watchword. May God bless you all and bless Saint Joseph Bilingual School Yaounde.



                                                                                                                              Father. BANDIN JUSTIN FANFON